Garden Meadow Farm, Inc
Serving the South-Central
        Pennsylvania Community

Brent, Julie, and Toby have been blessed by a dedicated, 
hard-working crew (see below).  We hope you enjoy our produce and grass-fed beef.
Brian helps tremendously on all aspects of Garden Meadow Farm.
Haley is overseeing our new chicken operation.  She and Jacob (below) are managing our new CSA operation.
Jacob is overseeing our new bee hives.  Jacob and Haley (above) are managing our new CSA operation.
Brent's mom, Grace, is transplanting young seedlings.

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Garden Meadow Farm
2013 Yordys Bridge Road
Annville, PA  17003

717-222-8767 (Brent) or 717-639-7592 (Julie)

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