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Other Services

Garden Meadow Farm also provides a number of services to help us be more connected with our local farming community.

Straw and Hay

We have both small and large bales of high quality straw, suitable for horse owners.

We also have small bales of grass hay and alfalfa.

We'll deliver or you can pick it up at the farm.

Low-Cost Bookkeeping Services

It may seem like a strange add-on service, but during crummy weather we like to organize and analyze information.

If you are a piler but wish your information was filed and easy to find, we can help.

If you wish your farming operation was stored in Quickbooks, we can help.

If you wish you had a budget and an electronic database to track your personal expenses, we can help.

If you wish someone would backup your computer, so you don’t have to worry about it, we can help.

When your budget and purchases are stored electronically, it’s amazing what you can learn about yourself.  Things like:

  • How much did I spend on groceries, restaurants, and gas?
  • How much did I spend on my car?
  • How much was that fun vacation?
  • Compared to your budget, where did you over-spend?

For most people, one year of support is only $20 per month[1].  What a bargain!

For more information about any of these services, call 717-222-8767 

or send an email to info @

[1] Rates vary depending on the number of services you need.